Jemo Power Solutions

Jemo Power Solutions specializes in Solar energy; sales of solar panels, installation and maintenance, Interruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Inverter Systems; sales, installations and maintenance. Our security systems installation are ensured minimal down time through our power backups.

Jemo Contracts and Logistics

Jemo Contracts and Logistics is a division of Jemo Group of Companies and specializes in products marketing and supplies. We are marketing consultants to various multi – national companies and are sure to deliver to your organization at a very wholesale competitive prices.

Project Centre

The company has varied range of products and services in Information Technology (ICT), Electronic Security and Safety. Our experience and products and services account for the company being a one-stop supermarket for ICT, electronic security and safety solutions.

Products and Services

Websites Design and Publishing

At Project Centre, we carry out the design and publishing of your company's website in accordance with necessary features. Applying the necessary graphic designs are no problems to us.

Computer and Accessories

Jemo Ventures Limited have in stock varieties of Computers - Desktops and Laptops. We offer free advice on systems specification to our highly esteemed clients and help them acquire systems that suit their jobs and purpose. We carry out systems configuration and setups, and equally help with after sale services to ensure our clients have maximum values for their money.

Computer Networking

We carry out LAN and WAN for our clients. With us, upgrading, designing and ensuring an approximately zero down time of your networks is not a problem.

Training and Consultancy

The company undertakes in-house training on IT, security and safety awareness/procedures, both for our clients’ staff and executives. In general, the company offers total quality IT, security and safety management to corporate organisations. We carry out design, equipment specifications, installations and maintenance

Electronic Security, Safety and Technology

Access Control and Motorized Gates / Scan and Biometric Technologies

Varied system option are available for a desired security reason. We also stock, install and maintain motorized gates for our clients.

Our range of scan systems are capable of detecting lethal substances carried in human beings and parcels. We have loads of systems suitable for Airports, Banks, governments etc.

Fire Detection/Alarm systems, Automatic Fire Suppression Systems and Fire Extinguishers

Conventional and Addressable fire detection and alarm systems are available at the company. The systems may be installed where necessary with transmitters capable of sending distress signals to fire stations or appropriate quarters. Fire Safety Technology, incorporates  fire detection and automatic suppression of the fire using a most effective all-fire chemical extinguishants. This system is suitable for securing homes, offices, Banks, archives etc.