Jemo Contracts and Logistics

Jemo Contracts and Logistics is a division of Jemo Group of Companies and specializes in products marketing and supplies. We are marketing consultants to various multi – national companies and  are sure to deliver to your organization at  a very wholesale competitive prices.
Our products and services include:

Textiles-Jemo ventures Ltd have in stock various textile materials. Our partnership with textile industries has made us a one-stop supermarket for rich textile products such as company uniforms, bedding and accessories. We are recognized suppliers of safety boots and other safety wears.

Electronic Systems-Apart from computer systems and accessories our wealth of experience has made great suppliers of different types of electronic equipment. We supply hospital equipment and other related equipment. Call us today for your electronic system.

Machines-Jemo ventures Ltd are suppliers of various types of machines such as generators and other related motorized machines. Our experience cuts across Agricultural machines and other mechanized equipment. Tell us what you need and our engineers will sort out your needs.

Stationery-Jemo ventures Ltd have in stock a variety of stationery and we are able to supply your organisation as soon as requested. The company is a one stop supermarket for stationery which are delivered to you at competitive prices. As a representative of top brands manufactures, we are able to meet your demands with optimum satisfaction.

Groceries-Jemo Ventures Ltd have well stocked grocery items for every organization and individuals. We are representatives of top brands manufactures of grocery products. Our members of staff are available 24 hours to ensure that when you place an order with us, you don’t have to wait endlessly. We carry out deliveries at minimum time frame. This makes us stand out in services and have won the trust of our clients over the period of our operation. 24 hour and emergency deliveries are available on request.

Graphic Design and Customized Printing-Jemo Ventures Ltd delivers high end digital graphic designs. We have great passion for designs and experts in creating representations that speak for themselves. Our illustrations are excellent and this makes us a leading company in product branding, corporate identity and other high sensitive designs. We get our jobs right at first instant. We offer free advice on your designs of interest and then carry out the job to meet your needs.

At Jemo Ventures we  have well trained graphics designers who are able to customize the items at request before the items are  delivered; such items include personalized identity designs. We are known to deliver high standard company document printing. We deliver high precision jobs, the standards which are not available at any other company that renders similar services. Our jobs are carried out by our members of staff and partners who are highly trained in their skills.

Agricultural Development-Jemo Ventures Ltd has worked with individuals and non-governmental organizations in support of agricultural development. We carry out supply of agricultural produce to rural community and companies where they are used as raw materials. Other services under this sector are supply of farm implements and pesticides.

Farm implements-Jemo Ventures Ltd in partnership provides farm tools to local farmers at relatively cheap and very competitive prices. This ranges from the simple farm tools to the highly sophisticated mechanized tools. Call us today and we promise to meet your needs at the shortest possible time.

Fertilizers and Pesticides-Jemo Ventures Ltd are suppliers of fertilizers and pesticides to peasant and mechanized farmers. We are a marketing representatives to top brand manufactures of fertilizers and pesticides. We partner with Agricultural experts in providing our clients with high products for their farmers

General Supply-Jemo Ventures Ltd offers services in supply of general goods. We are able to coordinate your demands for various items of your interest. At Jemo Ventures Ltd, we serve organizations and humanity, and this account for our unalloyed relationship with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in serving the local communities. We promise to deliver your request from us in trust and excellence, so call us today.